Sunday, November 15, 2009

Latest paintings

Here are some latest paintings I want to share with you!, my work is varied, vibrant, detailed, I paint from landscapes to abstracts enjoy! you can buy them at my shop
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SthrnSqrl said...

I really love your techniqueand use of color. Your work reminds me of the art adorning some of my favorite places in New Orleans. When I saw the Jazz ACEO, it Screamed "NEW ORLEANS!* to me :)


hi: Your words are so kind! thank you. I'm glad the painting poured out those feelings from you, it's exactly what I intend to do when I paint, take that person to the places and experience the culture and details of it. I just finished a medium size New Orleans painting you can check it out here:
I will be painting more jazz NO paintings this season!

Kelly Miller said...

Exquisite paintings! The colors are so vibrant. Your work is so alive! Luv your brush technique too. Great stuff :)



hi: thank you so much, fell free to follow my blog, and the sales in my store are amazing and with FREE SHIPING for the Holiday season!